Born in the USSR, I happened to be taken as a 7 months old infant to Israel, spending my childhood in Safed. Safed, or Tzfat as us locals call it, is a small town located on the hills of the upper Galilee.  The blue- painted walls of the old city almost integrate into the sky. The people of the town live some simple, down to earth lives, inspired by the mystic light of Kabbalah, art in the artists’ quarter and a thousand years of traditions.

Back in the 90’s, the immigration of Jews to Israel was at its peak. The little town of Safed was filled with families from all around the world. From  Russians like myself to those from many North African countries.  Throughout my childhood, I was always curious about what was going on in our neighbors’ houses and kitchens, what makes their food smell and look so mysteriously good? How do their traditional holidays look like?

Finally, already a mother myself, having spent a fair amount of hours in the kitchen, I have decided to pay respect to my childhood desires (and aren’t we all kids in our hearts?), and dare to sneak into other people’s kitchens, to hear their stories, watch how they live, and learn some new recipes and flavours.

Join me on a journey of exploring food, people, traditions, and places.

In this blog, I will also share with you some of my own favorites, and simplified recipes of some dishes.

Enjoy the variety of Israel’s unique blend of people, cultures, and kitchens. For me- it always comes to the kitchen- where body and soul really meet.

See you around,


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