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Homemade marshmallow

Recipe by Rakefet Levi-Halili

Are marshmallows part of your childhood memories? I remember burning marshmallows in a bonfire as kids. That’s why I was very surprised to see it on the menu of a fancy restaurant. Eventually, the real thing is much better than what I remember. Real fruit puree transforms it into a real delicacy. Surprisingly, it is not really hard to make homemade marshmallows, if you follow the recipe. The only challenge is to get the inverted sugar from a specialized store. In about 30 minutes of work, you get this fluffy and gentle, gluten and dairy free candy, that will be a great addition to your Mishloach Manot.

So, Homemade marshmallow here you go:


For step 1:

270 gr. white sugar

132 gr. strawberry puree

60 gr. raspberry puree

90 gr. Inverted sugar

For step 2: 

29 gr. gelatin

115 ml water

132 gr. inverted sugar

For the topping:

60 gr. cornflour

120 gr. sugar powder


Step 1:

Place the ingredients in a pot, mix, and heat until it reaches 100C, then turn the gas off.

Step 2:

Put the gelatine in a bowl and add a little warm water. leave for 5 minutes.

Mix properly to prevent clots

Let cool down

Add the gelatine into the mixture (from step 1)

Whisk the inverted sugar (132 gr.) in a mixer and slowly add the mixture until it’s smooth and fluffy

Grease a 20*20 cm form and gently spread the mixture in it.

Let the mass stabilize for 2 hours and then cut into cubes

Mix the topping’s ingredients in a big tray and add the marshmallow cubes. Move the tray gently from side to side until the cubes are evenly covered.

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