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Jerusalem artichoke soup

This is not ginger.

When at the market or the grocery store, I always try to grab something I haven’t tried before. For a long time, I didn’t really know what to do with this strange looking vegetable (that many mistaken for ginger).

So what is this root? The Jerusalem artichoke is also called sunroot, sunchoke, or earth apple. Its flavor resembles that of a real artichoke, and you may treat it very similarly to potatoes. This creamy artichoke soup is gentle, and despite the really simple recipe, elegant.

The only challenging part here is to get the artichokes peeled. You will make yourself a great favor by picking those that are smoother. Another option is to ask your naive spouse to “just” help with peeling them… 


1.2 kg Jerusalem artichoke ( white parts, ruffly cut when peeling, put straight to cold water, otherwise they will receive a greyish color which you don’t want in your soup)

2 leeks (white parts, finely cut)

2 potatoes (peeled, finely cut)

1 parsley root (peeled, finely cut)

2 carrots (peeled, finely cut)

125 ml cream

3-4 tbs vegetable oil

Salt & black pepper



Heat the pot with the vegetable oil

Add carrots

Stir for a few minutes

Add leeks, stir until softened

Mix in the Jerusalem artichokes and parsley root

Add boiling water, cook until all the vegetables are very soft (about 30 minutes)

Let cool a bit and blitz with a hand blender

Add salt, pepper and cream, and cook for an additional 5-10 minutes

Ready =)



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